Third meeting

On 06-07 November 2014 took place the third meeting of the project in the facilities of CENFIC Partner in Lisbon, Portugal.

The attendees from each of the organizations in the consortium were:

- FLC: Javier Gonzalez and Luis Manuel Barrios
- CENFIC: Joao Cabrita
- BZB: Markus Crone
- Formedil: Rossella and Giovanni Martino Carapella
- FRG Timisoara: Nicolae Cernei
- Centro Edile Andrea Palladio: Lisa Pavan and Mauro Pastore
- University of Valencia: Marcos Fernández

During the meeting, each partner presented the results of the study on Key Competences made in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Portugal. Later, the project coordinator explained the common details found in each study.

Furthermore, the WP3 it was carries to a conclusion making the decision between all partners about the final map skills on which the AR application development will be related. On it, a debate was opened to determine the tools and educational resources that will join it.

Another important point of the meeting was to review the Interim Report presented in the previous months, the Quality Plan and the Plan of Dissemination and exploitation of the project (website).

Regarding the beginning of the WP4, there were a debate about the methodology that will be held to develop learning outcomes associated with the key competences described in the previous WP, the University of Valencia, who will be responsible for developing the APP, makes several proposals thereon that are valued by all partners.

It was established the dates for the next meeting in Düsselsorf (Germany), in the facilities of BZB, the 13-14 April 2015.

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